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AL - AZHAR Mosque was laid foundation on 14 Th of Ramadan 359 H, (971 A.D). it was built in two years nearly, the first prayer was dine on 7 Th of Ramadan 361. H, on 988 A.D it became a university in which taught different sciences, and religious & mental arts> it was named by AL - AZHAR attribution to “Fatimah AZAHRAA” prophet Muhammad’s daughter" (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah) whom Fatimids were attributed. More than one thousand years have elapsed since the foundation of AL - AZHAR which has remained by Allah’s will the impregnable stronghold and mainspring for the sciences of Muslim Jurisprudence and Arabic Language, ever end favoring to propagate them in the various Islamic countries for the maintenance of Islam and the advantage of Muslims. Its role:- AL - AZHAR has successfully stemmed through the preservation of the cultural heritage of Islam, the devoted preoccupation with its study, elucidation and propagation. AL - AZHAR enable to spread here and there the rays of guidance, emanating from the rowans pastilles of AL - AZHAR have been the warring the course atheism, the procession of deviation, the doctrine of subversion, the missionary campaigns, and the rising tide of anarchy and decadence.

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AL - AZHAR has, thereby, been conveying the Mission of Islam to people at large, making manifest its geniuses and revealing its contribution for humanity’s welfare and progress. It is because Islam is the faith that combines the issues of this world and life beyond, being the creed with the right fulfillment of worship can be realized and upon which depends the management human affairs, as it is the fountainhead of Judi cattier and legislation. It is to be remarked that AL - AZHAR conveys its guidance to the whole world through the establishment of Islamic centers in numerous countries so that they might be beacons guiding to Allah’s way. AL - AZHAR provides these centers with:
a) well-chosen standard work on Islam.
b) copies of the Holy Quran
c) preachers who call unto the way of Allah with wisdom and fair exhortation, and who emphasize the close bonds between faith and life.
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AL - AZHAR is that spiritual haven, the reputation of which had resounded throughout the world, because of the established prestige in which it is held in the hearts of Muslims. Hence, to AL - AZHAR, Muslims send their sons to make their studies. There, they are shown full consideration and conception, and conceded, the sources of learning and wisdom, until they be graduated respectable Vellums. They would thus become devoted proclaims of righteousness, and shining beacons of guidance, showing the way of Allah to nations all over the earth. AL - AZHAR organizations:

1- AL - AZHAR supreme council.

2- Islamic Research Academy.

3- Islamic scholars city.

4- AL - AZHAR university.

5- AL - AZHAR Institutes.
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The Supreme Council of Al-Azhar

Al-Azhar has a Supreme Council headed by the Grand Imam, Shiekh Al-Azhar, and consist of: Deputy of Al- Azhar, Directors and Deans of Al-Azhar Faculties; four members of the Academy of Islamic Researches; one of the under Secretary of State for the Ministries of Wakfs, Education, Justice and Treasury; Director of Culture and Muslim Foreign Missions; Director of Al-Azhar Institutes, and. three experts in University education and related general affairs.

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The Council is entrusted with the formulation of the general policy and the planning of all that which enables Al-Azhar to achieve its main objectives through the propagation of Islamic culture and Arabic language, and to suggest the subjects and syllabus to be taught in its various institutes and university under its supervision and guidance.

The Council has the right to suggest the establishment of Al-Azhar Faculties,Institutions and Educational departments and to examine the scheme budget of Al-Azhar all departments .

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The organizing structure of the Council consist of :

1 - A Secretary General presides the technical, financial and administrative system and carries out its decision and follows up its activities.

2 - Assistant Secretary General for financial affairs Whose task is to look after all financial matters related to. Al-Azhar budget and formulate rules and regulations and all financial measures. He is assisted by three specialized departments.

3 - Assistant Secretary General for services affairs, who is concerned with the supervision of all administrative affairs of Al-Azhar three Departments. (The Supreme Council of Al-Azhar, the Academy of Islamic Research and Al-Azhar University and Institutions directorate). He is assisted by three specialized departments.

4- A Director for the technical researches to auguries the Supreme Council's technical Secretariat. He who follows up the activity of the Supreme Council of Al-Azhar, will certainly observe the tremendous development through looking closely at the following budget of Al-Azhar and its departments from the year 1980 to 1985:

Dept . & its
Uni. . & its
City of
Muslim Foreign































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The organizations under the Supreme Council of Al-Azhar :

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